You Got Trumped! Trump not yellin’ about Yellen anymore!

Federal Reserve balance sheet reduction not happening yet even as the Fed applauds its own success

Having castigated Janet Yellen for keeping interest rates artificially low in order to help the Obama Administration keep a Democrat in the White House, Trump now likes Janet Yellen and likes low interest rates, too — so much so that he decided this week that it is finally time to get honest with America about his latest flip-flop:


“I do like a low-interest rate policy, I must be honest with you. I think our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me. But that’s hurting—that will hurt ultimately,” he added. “Look, there’s some very good things about a strong dollar, but usually speaking the best thing about it is that it sounds good.” (The Wall Street Journal)


Trump does know a lot about what sounds good. Candidate Trump always said he loved a strong dollar. Now that he’s the president who benefits from this easy economic juice, he’s reversed positions on low interest and high dollar. Some of Trump’s supporters might wish he’d gotten honest with them about all of this a lot sooner, instead of just sounding good because this month brought another massive change from a guy whose orange color and constant flip-flopping make him look more like King Salmon than anti-establishment president.

He is, at least, the king of flip flops on this issue where he has bounced back and forth more than on most other issues:


Trump has changed his view of Yellen and interest rate policy on multiple occasions…. “Janet Yellen should have raised the rates. She’s not doing it because the Obama administration and the president doesn’t want her to,” Trump said in 2015…. Early in his campaign, Trump’s interest rate policy was in sync with Yellen, adding she was a very capable person. “She’s a low-interest-rate person, she’s always been a low-interest-rate person. And I must be honest, I’m a low-interest-rate person,” Trump told CNBC in 2015. A week later, Trump doubled down on his low rate policy, saying higher rates would be a disaster for the economy…. Then he hit the campaign trail, where he told his voters (predominantly middle- and lower-middle class) that the Fed’s low interest rate policy had lead to vast inequality, leaving many in the middle class behind. While campaigning in Ohio, Trump said the Fed’s low interest policy had created a “false economy.” He said monetary policy needed to change, to provide a true reflection of asset prices. “At some point, the rates are going to have to change. The only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market,” Trump said at a rally in Ohio…. then there’s the time he said she should be “ashamed” of her low interest rate policy. (Investopedia)


A lot of Candidate Trump’s supporters liked it when he often hinted that Janet Yellen would have to go once he got elected, just like they liked it when he was going to lock up crooked Hillary. Last Wednesday, however, Trump aligned himself completely with the nation’s central bank even to the point of indicating he may actually reappoint Janet Yellen for a second four-year term as Fed Head.

Just as Hillary and Bill became “good people” as soon as Trump won the election, so Yellen is now a person about whom he says, “I like her, I respect her.” Is that any wonder, since Trump’s Goldman Boys, Steven Mnuchin and Gary Cohn, have done nothing but praise Fed Chair Janet Yellen?

In an article last year, “Trumponomics: Going for a Ride on the Trump Train,” I warned that Trump’s Goldman-Sachs cabinet members were an almost certain sign of where his administration would head once he got in office. A lot of readers on Zero Hedge were upset that I wasn’t giving Trump a chance to even get into office before I pointed out that Trump’s promises were going to run off the rails quickly, but I call things as I see them, regardless of how popular that is.

(Many thought Trump calls things as he sees them, but it looks increasingly that he calls them as he finds expedient, for he knew his road to success was to tap into legitimate rage against the establishment, feed it, and present himself as the champion to fight the establishment. So much for that battle, for few people could be put in charge of the monetary system that are more establishment than Janet Yellen.)

I hit that theme even harder in another article after the election, and lost even more readers for not taking the side of the anti-establishment candidate. (See: “Team Trump (Pt 3): Trunk Loads of Establishment Baggage” where I said, “Trump’s process looks a lot less like draining the swamp and more like putting the alligators in charge of protecting the flamingos.“)

That was then, and now here we are … exactly where I said it looked like we’d be. Will any of those readers who stormed off mad because I was pointing out danger signs in the establishment candidate now come back? I doubt it, but I write what I believe is true, even when I am certain it will only anger my anti-establishment base.

In the “Baggage” article, I pointed out that Trump had already backtracked on Hillary; so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he just backtracked without blinking an eye on Yellen now that his presidency will benefit from Fed leniency. It is hard to lose faith in your candidate, so some readers at the time concocted a dream that Trump was shrewdly pretending Hillary was OK just so Obama wouldn’t feel the need to pardon her. (You know, playing 4D chess with his opponents.) That way, as soon as Trump got in office, he could lock her up.

Have you seen any moves to lock up crooked Hillary? Seems that conversation is completely over.

Hillary won’t ever get locked up by Trump, and Yellen won’t be “toast” either (unless, of course, she lets her fake recovery blow up on Trump’s watch). To soften the way for her second term, Trump noted about the position of the Fed chair, “It’s not easy to find somebody who is going to have credibility in that job.” Apparently, he now sees her as one of the few people who have credibility. Yikes! As I recall, Alan Greenspan, who played a huge role in setting up the Great Recession, succeeded in getting things built up to such high crash levels because he had so much credibility that no one in congress seriously questioned his ever-loosening terms of credit.

The bottom line is that Yellen’s Federal Reserve remains fully in charge of the economy, and the Fed is nothing but a legal cabal of the nations greatest bankers. (If you are not aware of how the Fed is NOT government and is owned wholly by banks, read “The US Federal Reserve for Dummies: What is the Federal Reserve System and What is the Gold Standard?.”

The truth is Trump sees rising interest as rapidly eroding the hopes for his stimulus plan, which depends on a huge increase of debt at a low level of interest — another problem I pointed out last year when I wrote about how Trump’s stimulus plan contains the seeds of its own destruction.

If you hoped a vote for Trump would reform the Fed, guess again. Trump isn’t even going to reform monetary policy as the chosen way to stimulate the economy, much less audit the Fed, much less do away with a cabal of banksters owning the US monetary system. A vote for Trump was a vote for more of the same when it comes to the Fed and it economic recovery program … until it all comes crashing down of its own dead weight.

Trump also recently reversed his long-held position that the Export-Import Bank (which loans taxpayer money to aid big businesses like Boeing) should be defunded. Sounds like the Goldman Boys are, indeed, in the economic driver’s seat at the White House. Trump likes whatever they like.

The first article in this series was You Got Trumped! Winning horse in presidential race was Trojan. The next article about Trump’s taxing switches in tax plans can be found here: “You Got Trumped! Trump tax plan taxing for the maestro of negotiation?”


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    Changed his name from Drumpf to Trump, changed every one of his campaign promises, finds out he’s jewish after he’s elected. Working hard to start World War Three. We need to recall this sorry slab of lard.

  2. Ping from Spatial Memory:

    …how the Fed is NOT government and is owned wholly by banks… = ROTFLMAO

    Another HOMESPUN MISCONCEPTION which further demonstrates the foolishness perpetuated while CLEARLY mistaking the ABSOLUTE greatest economic EXPANSION and corresponding capital markets EXPANSION with imagined recession.

    Homeschooled fear mongering bloggers may have anecdotal and rhetorical media spin and buzzwords however empirical data and bottom line results CLEARLY PROVE how DISASTROUS such MISCONCEPTIONS and predictions have been for rubes. Jmho

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Any bank that is called a “national bank” in the US has to own stock in the Federal Reserve Bank in the region of its corporate headquarters. That stock is the only stock issued by reserve banks, which are fully owned by the bank shareholders. Those banks each have a Federal Reserve Bank president, and they take turns rotating their presidents into six positions on the Federal Reserve Board that are open only to those reserve bank presidents. The remaining positions on the Federal Reserve Board are appointed by the President of the United States and constitute a slight majority. However, the US president typically leans very heavily on the recommendations of the Federal Reserve Board as to whom he should appoint. So, usually they are other bankers or college economists who are known by all to be full believes in the Federal Reserve System. (You should have read the linked article before commenting.)

      Now, since the twelve regional Federal Reserve banks are wholly owned by the individual bank corporations that buy into them, and since almost half of the Federal Reserve Board consists of the presidents of those banks and the other portion of the board is largely hand-picked by those on the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve System, itself, is in actual practice owned by the banks. It creates money out of nothing at will in any amount that it wants but must answer to congress, which largely rubber-stamps anything the Fed chief tells them. The Federal Reserve NEVER gets audited and NEVER has to answer detailed specific questions even before congress, and so the banksters are free to do whatever they want … so long as they keep inflation under control and unemployment down (their two directives from the federal government).

      • Ping from Spatial Memory:

        The Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Banks annually prepare and release audited financial statements reflecting balances (as of December 31) and income and expenses for the year then ended. The Federal Reserve Bank financial statements also include the accounts and results of operations of several limited liability companies (LLCs) that have been consolidated with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (the “consolidated LLCs”).

        The Board also prepares quarterly financial reports that present summary financial information on the combined financial position and results of operations of the Reserve Banks. The combined information includes the accounts and results of operations of each of the 12 Reserve Banks and several consolidated variable interest entities. All financial information included in the quarterly financial report is unaudited

        Section 5. Stock Issues; Increase and Decrease of Capital

        1. Amount of shares; increase and decrease of capital; surrender and cancellation of stock
        The capital stock of each Federal reserve bank shall be divided into shares of $100 each. The outstanding capital stock shall be increased from time to time as member banks increase their capital stock and surplus or as additional banks become members, and may be decreased as member banks reduce their capital stock or surplus or cease to be members. Shares of the capital stock of Federal reserve banks owned by member banks shall not be transferred or hypothecated. When aclass member bank increases its capital stock or surplus, it shall thereupon subscribe for an additional amount of capital stock of the Federal reserve bank of its district equal to 6 per centum of the said increase, one-half of said subscription to be paid in the manner hereinbefore provided for original subscription, and one-half subject to call of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. A bank applying for stock in a Federal reserve bank at any time after the organization thereof must subscribe for an amount of the capital stock of the Federal reserve bank equal to 6 per centum of the paid-up capital stock and surplus of said applicant bank, paying therefor its par value plus one-half of 1 per centum a month from the period of the last dividend. When a member bank reduces its capital stock or surplus it shall surrender a proportionate amount of its holdings in the capital stock of said Federal Reserve bank. Any member bank which holds capital stock of a Federal Reserve bank in excess of the amount required on the basis of 6 per centum of its paid-up capital stock and surplus shall surrender such excess stock. When a member bank voluntarily liquidates it shall surrender all of its holdings of the capital stock of said Federal Reserve bank and be released from its stock subscription not previously called. In any such case the shares surrendered shall be canceled and the member bank shall receive in payment therefor, under regulations to be prescribed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, a sum equal to its cash-paid subscriptions on the shares surrendered and one-half of 1 per centum a month from the period of the last dividend, not to exceed the book value thereof, less any liability of such member bank to the Federal Reserve bank

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          First, thank you for confirming EXACTLY what I said as to ownership of the Federal Reserve. (Technically ownership of its component reserve banks, as I said in my summary statement; but it is those reserve bank presidents who govern the Federal Reserve and create money TO GIVE TO THEIR BANKS AT WILL).

          As for the audit, there is no audit of details, which makes the audit a joke. The statements presented are, as you describe in the quoted material above, but they only lay out very large aggregate categories. No one knows, for example, how much of which particular bank’s bad debt was bought. Without knowing which bank, you cannot even really know if any bad debt was bought because how do you nail it down with hard facts. It’s just a statement.

          None of the details are known outside the Federal Reserve, lest that cause problems for the banks involved — for example the details of every component that makes up “consolidated LLCs).” That is understandable, but it also means there is a huge amount of room to bury any kind of transaction you want inside of those various classifications. What is needed is a full audit right down to the receipts/paperwork of each transaction, the deeds, the copies of the bonds, etc. along with an inventory taken by detailed inspection of the ounces of gold held for other countries and for this one.

          • Ping from Spatial Memory:

            You must be joking. Here is EXACTLY what you “said” – typed – verbatim, factually incorrect and with the open parentheses and no closing parentheses- ROFL

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Oops. You quoted the wrong part. Here is what I said about who owns the Federal Reserve: (The part you quoted had almost nothing to do with that, other than making the broad statement that the following supports.)

              “Any bank that is called a “national bank” in the US has to own stock in the Reserve Banks in the region of its corporate headquarters and has to keep reserve deposits in that reserve bank. There are twelve such banks. That stock is the only stock issued by reserve banks, which are, therefore whole owned by the bank shareholders. (You and I, in other words, couldn’t buy stock in them if our lives depended on it.)

              “Those banks each have a Reserve Bank president, and they take turns rotating their presidents into six positions on the Federal Reserve Board that are open ONLY to those reserve bank presidents, and the US government has absolutely no say in who those presidents are. They are chosen by the vote of the shareholders in each reserve bank.”

              Those who own ALL of the stock in the Federal Reserve System, own the Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than the governing organization of that system. They own the banks, and the fill the board that makes all Fed decisions, including the FOMC.

            • Ping from Spatial Memory:

              Obviously you are unable to grasp the fact that ALL stocks are not equal, and that “Those who own ALL of the stock in the Federal Reserve System, own the Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than the governing organization of that system” is INACCURATE at easily verified.

              The fact that such a simple common concept found in ANY corporate entitys charter and by-laws delineating different types, series and classes of stock may have different “rights”, conditions and qualities seems beyond your comprehension- yet speaks volumes of lack of related experience nor acumen. Nonetheless those non negotiable facts hold regardless of your continued MISCONCEPTIONS. 🙂

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Obviously, your “Special Memory” is a lot more special than I realized. I feel like I’m arguing with an eggplant.

            • Ping from Spatial Memory:

              Obviously you’re far from the sharpest knave in any drawer and even an average eggplant has far more economic and business acumen as PROVEN by your misconceptions and CONFIRMED by markets price action. 🙂

            • Ping from Spatial Memory:

              No oops; no quoting “wrong part”; no more weak attempts at constructive deception- your NONSENSICAL MISCONCEPTIONS are factually incorrect and your attempts to misconstrue such simple and clear data is absurd but excellent capital markets related comedy.

  3. Ping from Auldenemy:

    I also read comments on Zero Hedge by the most staunch supporters of, ‘Orange Jesus’, saying that he wasn’t flip-flopping on his promises but rather playing 4D Chess. Talk about being desperate to defend what you believe in even when it is blatantly obvious you have been fooled! I doubt Trump has ever played one game of real Chess in his entire life (let alone this pie-in-the-sky idea that he is playing some deep, ‘intellectual’ form of Chess). Trump is extremely crafty but crafty and intelligence are too very different things. A crafty tactic Trump used brilliantly to attract all those disenfranchised Americans was playing the, ‘I’m just an ordinary, down-to-earth guy like you, with no fancy degrees’. Of course in reality he was privately educated but was sent off to a military academy, aged 11, by his rich daddy cos Trump junior was an out of control brat who was bullying his class mates (this is all on record for anyone who wishes to read up on Trump’s early life). No doubt military school did give Trump the discipline he has needed to focus and build on his father’s wealth rather than simply just squandering it. He doesn’t drink alcohol (apparently due to watching one of his brothers turn into an alcoholic). So Trump is certainly shrewd and learned that discipline matters. That said, the chubby little boy who liked to sit at the back of the class, pinching the kid next to him while smiling at the teacher, is very evidently still alive and well. Trump is the kind of guy who would smile at your face, telling you everything was, ‘Great’, while one of his henchman was stabbing you in the back. This in affect is what he is doing right here and now to every American who voted him into office. He is smiling at America, he is constantly telling you that everything is, ‘Great’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Amazing’ and, ‘Yuuuge’ while in practice he is continuing with the process of previous administrations, as in shafting you!

    Trump is without doubt the perfect snake oil salesman; he has the magic cure all potion and he managed to sell it to enough Americans to get himself into the White House. Sadly the contents of the magic potion aren’t just fake, they don’t even exist. There is nothing inside the bottle apart from hot air!

    I can see that it hurt to get some vicious responses on Zero Hedge. While I read ZH I have no interest in adding my two cents to the comments section ever simply because too many of the commentators are foul mouthed thugs who are on there to just trash everyone and anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. That is not debate and I am not interested in arguing with people who are incapable of debate, and who instead love to spew endless swear words and wish vile sexual abuse and death upon anyone who simply dares to have a view of their own. So you are always going to get those types on ZH David and they will hate you for your perception and honesty. Really such people hate everyone who doesn’t give way to them; perhaps the reason extreme Trump supporters refuse to see he is a fake is because they identity with the real Trump, the bully who is used to getting his way. It is clear that Trump did get his way, he got what he wanted, President of the biggest and most powerful company in the world, America Inc. The minute he got what he wanted that was it, he couldn’t care less about the promises he made to get elected. He obviously doesn’t care less if the entire Goldman Sachs hierarchy moves into the White House with him, or if Obama-Failing-Care goes on until it collapses and there is nothing to replace it. He has his favourite daughter and son-in-law as official advisors now, this when neither of them have any right, let alone are qualified, for such elevated positions. He appears to love the title he has gained far more than anything else. Policies are for minions to sort out and squabble over and who cares if the policies turn out to be the opposite of what Trump said they were going to be, it’s still all, ‘Great’, ‘Amazing’ and, ‘Yuuuge’. I see he is even indulging in more golf than the golf loving Obama managed to fit in, this when the USA is becoming crippled by debt and monetary policies that are gutting middle Class Americans. This when America has huge and mainly self created problems in the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia and of course a lunatic in NK who wants to nuke SK, the USA, Europe and Japan.

    The very fact that Trump is now perfectly happy for Yellen to carry on ruining the finances and livelihoods of millions of Americans so as to keep Banksterville and big corp. CEOs making vast sums of personal wealth shows that Trump is in love with the swamp.

    On the other side of the pond a little guy called Emmanuel Macron is on course to be the next President of France. No one had heard of him a year ago and then suddenly he is right there with a brand new Party (that just happens to be exactly the same as Hollande’s Neo Liberal, EU devoted socialist Party), in the race to the presidency, his campaign fully funded. Then we learn he is an ex Rothschild, multi millionaire bankster with a champagne socialist life style (his critics even calling him, ‘Bubbles’). It appears that this smooth little silk suited Eurocrat was parachuted in by Banksterville to become the next docile Hollande (just with more hair and money). Status Quo politics is alive and well it would seem. Who ever you vote for in the West makes no difference. We are ruled by a Corporatocracy, headed mainly by Goldman Sachs.

    The end of democracy in the West is upon us. It is easy to see, easy to feel in the never ending cut backs, stagnant incomes and sky rocketing rents that millions of plebs like me are living with now. Yet the Corporatocracy of the West continues apace. The banksters now loot us and our economies in plain site, as do their big corp. pals. Their bought out political puppets spew the status quo, pop corn, Neo liberal garbage for the dumbed down masses to chomp on. No doubt Trump will start coming round to LBGT rights before long (why not, I mean he has done a complete U-turn on just about everything else since he was elected).

    The MSM is the echo chamber of their lies. What fools we are not to rise up and march to the citadels of Western usury (whether in Wall St, London, Frankfurt etc), ditto our so called bastions of democracy (Congress in the USA, parliaments in Europe). Our greatest enemy has become our own governments because far from rigorously controlling bankster and big corp. greed they have assisted it and now blatantly encourage it. They are complicit in it, part of it. The people of the West are also complicit in it by ignoring it.

    Multum In Parvo

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Indeed, ZH is a rowdy bar, and I can handle that, though I agree with your assessment. It’s just unfortunate to see how much audience I lose there and here for originally questioning the Trumpeter (saw readership in both places drop by about half when I started doing that, so I assume that is the reason). And frustrating to see how many stand by their man even as he does much naughtier things to them than pinch them in school.

    • Ping from

      What he said

  4. Ping from Lophatt:

    I tell ya’, he waffles so much he’ll have to get Aunt Jamima as a mascot.

  5. Ping from Milly Vanilly:

    Appears that Trump is taking his daily dose of GMO’s & Kool Aid.

  6. Ping from Black Swan:

    ” When the Federal Reserve Act was deceptively passed, the people of the U.S. did not perceive that this country was to supply financial power to an international superstate controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the World for their own pleasure.” Congressman Louis T. Mcfadden, 1932

    • Ping from John:

      Every Fed chairman since WW2, including Yellen and Bernanke, has been a member of the Rockefeller/CFR along with most secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and CIA.

      Trump’s “economic advisory panel” includes billionaires Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone, Laurence Fink of BlackRock, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, and Daniel Yergin of IHS Markit. All of them are CFR members. Blackstone, BlackRock, and JPMorgan are CFR corporate sponsors. Fink and Yergin are CFR directors.

      Other CFR members include Bill Clinton, John McCain, Dick Cheney and George Soros. Cheney and Soros are former CFR directors. See member lists at cfr org.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      To think it had already gone that far by McFadden’s day in 1932! How much more so today!

  7. Ping from Greg Straw:

    Its hard to believe anyone thought Trump was any different, I think its been now proven he’s not.

  8. Ping from Alleged Comment:

    Proving to be a typical politician. No wonder he got in.

  9. Ping from elida weiss:

    the day Trump invited the leading bible twisting money grabbing evangelicals for dinner in New York and they all came out worshipping Trump, that was the moment i knew that we were toss and that the globalist had changed their game. Now we are 0ver 100 days since the inauguration, the money has flip flopped on everything, which anyone body with common sense should have seen coming, these same christian leaders are blaming everybody else but not Trump. i even heard one well known radio broadcaster suggesting that trump had been kidnapped by the deep state, he even went on to claim that he has been betrayed by his family the way Samson was betrayed by the wife, you can’t make these stuff up. I am so glade when i come across such website like this that tell it like it is. the alternative media were donald trump cheerleader and i think they just don’t want to concede that they have been bamboozled, and the danger is that Trump will take people to war and his die hard supporter would cross the red sea like the the soldiers who died following Pharaoh. imagine if Chelsea was running amok like and h´behaving like the first lady like Ivanka, where is the outrage!

    • Ping from Kent Ford:

      the thing that really stood out for me was the fact that the orange clown made a tweet on about the day of the inauguration he said I WILL ISSUE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER ,STOPPING ALL CHEMTRAILING ON DAY ONE, and then nothing, and before the election, over and over, we heard CROOKED HILLARY, IF IM PRESIDENT I WILL PROSECUTE HER, and now nothing, at all except, he says i like hillary, and her husband bill, good people, that was it for me, fool me once shame on you, and you know the rest……..

      • Ping from Knave_Dave:

        It’s amazing to me that there has now been SO MUCH stuff like this where he has turned 180 degrees and, yet, several over at Zero Hedge are still arguing against this latest article that I’m just a troll for the establishment or that I’m too blind to see the complex game Trump is playing against the establishment.

        I mean how many times do you need to see him score for the other side before you decide, “O.K. game over here; we might as well get out of the rain and go back home?” How many times do you need to witness the change from loud-mouthed, “I’m going to do ___ on day one” to total silence on the issue before you decide, “Nothing happening here?”

        He’s just a big-mouthed clown. He’s not a genius at playing 4-D chess. He’s a genius at selling snake oil and then reselling you the snake oil that you just bought from him.

        • Ping from Greg Straw:

          The only game Trump is playing isssss that people were stupid enough to think he was any different than any other lying scumbag POTUS.

        • Ping from Kent Ford:

          theres more , jeff rense .com has had a video, and audio, for weeks now, about a woman witness, from missouri that says that the UN is letting thousands of unvetted disease carrying refugees, into this country, under the sect of state rex till, and flying them in this country daily, and giving cash ,medicare, and SS disability, you have to see the story, and you will be sick to your stomach, coming in the middle of the night, to avoid detection, yeah and the orange clown wants a wall, a hippocrite……

        • Ping from Spatial Memory:

          I mean how many times do you need to see him score for the other side before you decide, “O.K. game over here; we might as well get out of the rain and go back home…

          How many CONSECUTIVE YEARS or constructive economic data CONFIRMING economic EXPANSION CONFIRMED by constructive PRICE ACTION in multiple GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS and ASSET APPRECIATION before the ludicrous ” great” recession GUESSWORK “gets out of the proverbial rain and back to homeschool…


          • Ping from Knave_Dave:

            And then POOF it’s all gone, just as it spent years ramping up until 2007, only to evaporate into thin air and leave the entire world desperate and bailing out mega banks everywhere while doubling and even quadrupling national debts around the world.

            It’s all great and rosy unit it isn’t. Then it’s pushing up roses, and the sleeping masses become the manure that fertilizes them. The bankers double their money through bailouts, and the middle class shrinks a little more as it stagnates in wealth.

            On next time, the bailout will not be nearly as EASY as it was this time because the amount of debt and stock value to crash are much higher, and we have reached the final rung of buyers of last resort now that national banks have bought all the slack out of the system. There is no larger buyer to turn to this time, for even the central banks needed huge back stopping by tax payers on the last round.

            You sound EXACTLY like everyone I talked to in 2007, even at the end of the year when I was trying to tell real-estate agents that the housing market was about to crash and take the entire global economy down with it. They thought that was preposterous. Never happened before, so it never will. Housing prices only rise forever, just as some seem to think about stock prices now.

            • Ping from Craig Mouldey:

              You mention real estate Dave. I have to tell you this recent story illustrating the madness in the market in Toronto where I grew up and lived until 2009. I came into possession of my grandparents bungalow mid 90’s. It was a nice little place that had seen many upgrades. It was built in the mid 1930’s and my grandfather bought it in 1954 when I was 4 months old for $12,500.00. I finally sold in 2009 for $311,000. Here is the part that has me gasping. The neighbour who lived 2 doors south had his parents tiny bungalow, even smaller than the one I had. It is a postage stamp and everything is original. No upgrades. It sold a few months ago for $701,000! I think the developer who bought that is going to lose more than his shirt.

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              And I see today that Canada’s largest non-bank mortgage lender, Home Capital Group, just lost 60% of its value in one big stock crash.


            • Ping from Spatial Memory:

              Pretty weak attempts at constructive deception there. Let’s try and debunk that nonsensical hyperbole. First and foremost, homeschooling may not recognize economic cycles and terminology- i.e.: expansion, “recession”( two CONSECUTIVE qtrs. negative GDP, etc. vs market cycles and terminology- i.e.: market capitalization …”POOF it’s all gone”… = HOMESPUN asset allocation modeling- ROFL

              ” years ramping up to 2007″ and your other ludicrous “2007” misconceptions can easily be debunked and clarified by the Levin Coburn Report by Senate Investigation Subcommittee regarding the extrapolated notional “aftermath”. From there a simple glance at Exters Pyramid debunks the homespun misconceptions of ” reaching final rungs of balance sheet EXPANSION and homeschooled recession manure that fertilizes.

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              It’s like arguing with noise.

            • Ping from Spatial Memory:

              Don’t let those noisy facts interrupt your well fertilized “argument” ROFL

        • Ping from

          He’s not even good at 4-D checkers

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      The evangelical religious leaders bowed to the golden calf. Some even prophesied that Trump was God’s anointed leader to bless America with greater greatness — a man like Moses who would lead us on an exodus from globalism. But, so far, it is the globalists who parted the red sea that sits on Trump’s head and got inside his brain and now appear in every way to be running the controls. So, yeah, he’s been kidnapped by the deep state all right, but only in the sense that they now own him and are running the controls.

      That’s the way it is when a man with no moral compass spends his life looking out only for himself and cares not whom he leaves holding nothing; he shifts to whatever is expedient.

      It’s always hard, of course, to concede you’ve been bamboozled, but it also shows strength of character when you can and do. So, I hope de Nile will part like de Red Sea, and Trump’s supporters will cross over that deep river back to solid ground.

  10. Ping from tjb323:

    Hi Dave,
    I have been reading your articals for a very long time and I just want to say that I do so, because you tell it like you see it, I admire that. You may not always be right, but truth be told you seem to be spot on most of the time. Gift from God I am sure. Gift of seeing through the smoke and mirriors. A gift I wish more folks had. So I just want to thank you for your honestly and integrity.
    In the end you may just get more readers, and I hope you do. I look forward to reading the rest of the articals in your series.
    Thank you and Many Blessings!!!

  11. Ping from Kim:

    It looks like the wall is on hold as well, to avert a govt. shutdown. I have my doubts it’ll ever be built.

    It’s unfortunate, but I have to agree with you Mr. H.

    Sometimes I watch you-tubes of the night of Nov 8th, and smile. At least I have that “moment” in history to reflect upon: we almost defeated the Deep State.

    The bankers will not loosen their grip, until every last drop of blood is squeezed from the labor class.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Nostalgic, isn’t it. At least there was that.

      I see the same thing on the wall today. In fact, I was going to write in one of the upcoming walls that I bet the wall will just be used as a bargaining chip, but it’s already happened before I could get there.

      Things fulfill my worst anticipation with Trump these days faster than I get to writing them.

  12. Ping from Candy Flopburg:

    Is Trump Deep State chill now that he is President? what did he say before election ? what has he done now that he is President? smoke and mirrors folks we need real reform we need new government , no man can fit the slide into insanity that bush clinton obamam have been taking us on! we need the Coleman Act of 2017!
    its simple abolish the federal government , adopt my idea of 50 independent sovereign countries of america all having there own constitution with a few commons transportation, ports security! Trump and the banking Satanists will destroy Earth they are following the Master Plan outlines in Albert pike Mazzini letter be it hoax or fact? we know the Eagle is absent in Johns’ second time noted in revelations? why? what happened to the Eagle? one of two thing? its gone as in destroyed like Sodom, or we pull out of the NWO one world government masonic master plan do to this info!

  13. Ping from Craig Mouldey:

    It’s rare that I would cut someone off for having a totally different view from myself. I usually wait and see if there are any developments proving the case for either side. I hold no doubts Trump is another snake. Let’s not forget he also liked Wikileaks. Now he wants to arrest Assange.
    If I was American he would have gotten my vote on his ‘no more foreign wars’ stand. I thought we had avoided a really big war. Well, not so much. There can never be enough blood flowing but this time it won’t be defenceless countries getting destroyed. I do believe this time we will get to watch it, not on CNN but out our front windows.
    This is quickly going from a bad joke to sickening.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      Indeed. Apparently Assange can be executed now as far as Trump is concerned, even though without his baring of truth, Trump may not have made it where he is. No surprise, then, that Russia gets the bottom of Trump’s boot, too. (If Russia did interfere, which it seems Republicans mostly agree they did.) Tomorrow we have a White House counsel with all US senators to go over top-secret intel about N Korea. Of course that one, is not a problem of Trump’s making, but a problem that has been in the making for a long time.

      • Ping from Craig Mouldey:

        I’ve heard some say Trump has done the art of the deal to get China with them as an ally, pushing Russia into isolation. I think that is foolish. No way China wants the U.S. in North Korea. It’s my understanding that during the war when the U.S. was advancing, China then got involved and pushed them back. China doesn’t trust the U.S. I’m more concerned with Syria. Every move by the U.S. to fight ISIS is a lie. So quickly they switched from removal of Assad is no longer part of the agenda to Assad has to go, all based on a manufactured event. An event I’m sure the U.S. was involved in creating, either directly or through Turkey. I was wondering if Trump ever had a sense of having done something bad? He probably could justify literally anything. I don’t even want to get inside the heads of people like this. What they do or don’t do is all that matters.

    • Ping from Auldenemy:

      Yes Craig, that was the one thing that would have made me vote for Trump if I was an American citizen (his very convincing performance that it was time to stop all these foreign wars and that it would be better to build bridges with Putin rather than keep beating the war drums). So although everything about Trump screamed, ‘Fake’ to me, I also fell for some of his garbage. I totally get why he was voted in (Hillary being so greedy and corrupt), I am just deeply saddened to watch him continue with the status quo, Deep State politics of his masters (Banksterville). He isn’t making America, ‘Great Again’. He is assisting with its demise.

      • Ping from Craig Mouldey:

        It is very sad to see this agenda march forward, not missing a step. I don’t see any way to stop it. Perhaps we can only try to get out of the way, be as disconnected from anything having to do with government. In other words, turn on the cloaking device because the inmates are running the asylum still.

      • Ping from Knave_Dave:

        Indeed, many readers here voted for Trump, and I hope my blunt “You got Trumped” title doesn’t offend them because, in fact, I fully understand why the voted for Trump. I hoped their votes would prove right. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Trump because of his years of narcissistic behavior and flip-flopping in previous election cycles, but I hoped they would prove to be right and understand that they were voting for the only person they could, at least, hope would reform the system.

        My blunt “You got Trumped” is because I hope it will make them a little angry at Trump so that he’ll start to hear from more and more of the people who voted for him. Mostly its just may “say it as it is” nature. Not trying to be harsh at all or blaming anyone; but, frankly, it has turned out to be that bad and in even shorter time than I thought it would. Many of his supporters already fear and see it happening, so this is just confirmation that, yes, it is as bad as you are fearing.

        Most knew they are electing a very problematic candidate but decided to role the dice and hope against hope that Trump would do what he said. to some degree, he has. Certainly one thing that has been great has been to watch him shake the dust out of the mainstream media. The dust cloud is so think that I still can’t see through it or walk through without choking. It’s perpetual dust; but keep on shaking, Donald.

        Unfortunately, they may feel vindicated if some of their poorly researched news turns out to be right by dumb luck, and with a guy like Trump, I think there is plenty of potential for that!

  14. Ping from Wonderer1010:

    Cry baby losers can’t get over it.

    • Ping from Knave_Dave:

      I didn’t vote for him. I wanted an anti-establishment candidate and was pretty sure this is the way things were going to go with Trump. So, not a cry-baby loser. (I sympathize with those that did, though, because I know what they wanted, and Trump was their only hope. Unfortunately, the Republican clown car stopped holding any real hope a long time ago.)

      • Ping from Kim:

        Do you still think things are going to fall apart this year? I’ve been waiting for five years and the central bankers keep propping up whatever they prop up that should have un-propped up a long time ago.

        Now that Trump has publicly stated that he . . .is a low interest rate person. . . we can expect more of the same ZIRP and other clumsy monetary policy pretty much indefinitely. How does this theft-based economy finally fall apart? With a currency crisis?

        • Ping from Knave_Dave:

          Good to hear from you again, Kim, as always.

          It’s so hard to tell. Five years ago, I was saying it would all come crashing down but not that year nor the next. Three years ago, I started saying the time was near. Two years ago, I said the time was going to start with the crash of the stock market.

          It did crash right on the month I was anticipating in this one sense. It had been endlessly going upward, and the top broke over sideways, and it didn’t go up after that until Donald Trump won in November. So, it didn’t exactly crash, but ti clearly broke. For nearly two years, it traded sideways.

          As you know last year, I said it would crash in January 2016. While it did go off a cliff right after that for the worst January in stock market history, it also fully recovered. So, still not a crash.

          It seems overtime, I see the reason why it will crash, it does hit a major iceberg, but each time they find some new means of propping it up a little longer.

          Now, all of the chemistry around the economy (not just the stock market) is so different in terms of Trump’s talk but then so much the same in terms of the reality of what Trump seems to be accomplishing, that it’s particularly murky (to me anyway).

          I’ve been saying that it will start to break apart in the early summer and that all the hot air from the Trump rally would start to become obvious as his plans fail to materialize in the manner promised, and things seem to be slipping in that direction.

          But then all of a sudden we’ve got the possibility of a Korean war (as a black-swan event of the kind you know COULD happen but have no idea if it will). I’m not sure what that would do to the US economy. At first, it would likely be a negative shock, but it also burns through a lot of product, and that puts people to work.

          Trump’s tax plan looks very unlikely to happen this year. Maybe not even next year; but who knows. The Republicans have always loved a good capital-gains tax reduction; so, if he keeps that in there, maybe he’ll get the votes. With very little doubt, another round of large cap-gains tax reduction and practically free repatriation of corporate profits plus lower corporate taxes would ALL get plowed back into stock market investing (particularly through corporate buy-backs of stock), so that would strap another jet pack on the stock market.

          In the end, that only takes us to a higher point to crash from because there is nothing under it. The average global citizen doesn’t benefit in a way that enables him or her to buy more product, so those companies see their stocks grow through speculation, even as sales growth grinds to a halt and finally even reverses.

          The complication of all those ifs and whens plus the fact that other national economies falling can temporarily lift our stock and bonds as money flees to the safest looking shelter in a storm, make it impossible for me to say how it will fall apart first: A bond crisis, a currency crisis, both together since they are strongly tied, a stock market crash, a housing bubble crash, falling oil prices, defaulting student loans and auto loans, a US debt crisis, a Eurozone debt crisis, break-up of the Eurozone, crashing European megabanks … ALL OF THAT and more are imminent, as in perched and ready to fail, but what trigger will knock which one over first? How much can they prop the first one when it starts to topple before the next one teeters over the edge? That’s what is beyond my calculating ability.

          The point is that the size of problems stacking up and the number of problems are doing nothing but getting worse. So, it is more of a hunch than any clear pattern that makes me think things will start to go this summer. I think people will be getting increasingly worn out with the Donald by then unless he pulls of the 4D chess miracle that some are believing in. I think the US debt ceiling and spending limit problems will start to become a strong concern by then. Etc.

          So, I’ve been keeping my own money out of stocks, but I don’t know that’s the right choice. It’s hard to stay with that choice now that the Trump Rally appeared to fix the long-broken market, which had been a bumpy ride to nowhere for two years; but the rally did lose steam when I though it would, and the stock market’s response to the Trump tax plan, just revealed this hour looks choppy, at best, as investors try to digest the information. I still see it all faltering away, especially if today’s tax plan release doesn’t digest so well. The market clearly show signs of being tired of waiting and of starting to wonder if the rally was all hot air (which it was). It is, at least, too risky for my blood. So, I’m literally keeping my money positioned on the market failing in early summer (not so much so that I’ll short the market and hope to get rich, but just enough to stay out of the way if major pieces start to crack off).

          Long answer, I know, that could have been more easily said, “I don’t know.”

          • Ping from Kim:

            I’ve noticed the banks are plowing more money into the shale project again. This will no doubt end in huge disappointment.

            I’ve noticed too that ever more companies are relying on non-GAAP and adjusted EBITDA to beat guidance estimates. They hope nobody is looking under the surface.

            Twitter, Tesla, Snap, Facebook, Uber (Uber has not yet IPO’d has it?i am not sure) are not profitable, they rely on regular injections of FOMO investor money. i was looking at some of these companies’ monthly burn rate, where, for the love of god, is this money going? It goes in and goes out, but to where? I don’t get it. And we are talking about insane cash burn.

            Tesla’s overall EV market share is 0.026/ or if you prefer, 0.26%. Effectively, ZERO market share. Who would invest in this and why? Musk said maybe Tesla will be profitable in 2020. These companies are glorified Ponzi schemes, doomed to fail without the aid of central bank monetary policy.

            My feelings are this: we all know this debt based (theft based) economy is doomed to fail. It’s a mathematical certainty. We don’t know when because we don’t know how deep into the shit the FED is standing, because as you say, it can’t be audited. But I’d wager it is in VERY DEEP. When things go down, it is not going to be seamless but quick, total, and devastating. Itll happen overnight and suddenly and all at once. IMO.

            Stay strong. Thank you for helping the rest of us stay informed on these important topics. It helps a lot.

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              Thanks, Kim. I think Tesla is a prime example of the huge overvaluations that people were paying in the run-up to the dot-com crash. Tech companies burned through cash and never showed a profit, but were considered to be worth vastly more than blue-chip companies that had been showing profits for decades and that owned vastly more capital.

              I was discussing this with another regular here, and he didn’t feel that Tesla was overvalued because its spending is all going into R&D so that it can leap up to join the other auto manufacturers. (Hopefully, I’m not misunderstanding his argument) But, to me that is exactly what all the dot-coms were pouring their cash into.

              Many of them went out of existence in the more than a decade ago.

            • Ping from Kim:

              R&D? I read somewhere that Tesla was making cuts to its R&D expenditure. Well, at least it’s an argument. That’s a lot of R&D expenditure for a battery company that oursources its battery technology to Panasonic. And don’t even get me started on the train wreck that is Solar City. But ok.

            • Ping from Knave_Dave:

              The R&D was for development of their automotive works. So, R&D and factory expansion. Still, it’s like the dot-com stuff where companies kept using cash to expand, but never kept a profit and ultimately died in spite of their expansion.

              I think we’re both realists. Sadly when the truth about reality doesn’t look good, that makes one look like a doom and gloomer.

    • Ping from Greg Straw:

      Get over what? Trump has fallen right in line with the deep state, your the one who can’t face the fact that Trump duped you, he gone back on most all the things we voted him in for, but you seem to live in lala land lost in the disillusion that Trump was going to be different.

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