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What a Property Manager job description REALLY means

The following is a job description for a property manager position found in a real job announcement (association name changed to protect those who are not actually innocent). Based on my experience, here is what job descriptions like this actually mean [brackets are my helpful, guiding comments].

Property Manager Job Description for General Manager

Our General Manager leads a group of engaged employees [i.e., we expect they darn-well better be engaged because in our opinion staff is lazy and ripping us off], who are interested in developing and continuing on a journey of continuous improvement. [Because we expect they will continually improve, not because we offer training incentives, pay for education or anything that will actually help them improve, but we feel so much more noble wording it this way.] 
The soft skills that are non-negotiable include respect [because many of our members are disrespectful toward office staff, yet they expect staff to be always respectful back, regardless of how loud the conversation is from our side of the front desk], effective communicator [because we are notoriously difficult to communicate with, and some of our members are a bit obtuse, so you’ll be challenged to get the simplest ideas about obeying our own self-imposed rules communicated in such a manner that we actually follow our own rules and understand why we have to … even though we created them], involved [because we will be in your office every day groaning about any little detail that annoys us, as if our second fifteen-minute power outage (over which you have absolutely no control) was the end of the freakin’ world and we expect you to solve it with a major utility conglomerate], engaged [yes, you’ll be constantly engaged, see previous bracketed comment], collaborative [because we, as a board, have all kinds of mutually exclusive ideas about how things ought to run, and each board member expects you to do things his or her way, https://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com/klonopin.html plus we love to micromanage] and inclusive [because we want, as a board, to be included in every decision you make (our micromanaging side), and because we love that word].
He/she is the “on-site” representative of the Board of Directors (a volunteer group) [meaning we have absolutely no professional experience at running anything so cannot be expected to behave in a businesslike manner] and is responsible for all management and administration of the day to day operations of LeisureTime Homeowners Association. This is a “hands-on” position [meaning, we also want you, as our manager, to scrub out the bathrooms] where our members appreciate the day to day interaction and involvement with the General Manager [because you can be sure we’ll be in your office moaning about something, if nothing else, about each other].
In return for your relevant skills, “can-do” attitude and excellent customer service skills, we offer a competitive compensation package [meaning we pay only what we absolutely have to in order to be competitive, yet we expect top-end employees at bottom-end pay], fully comprehensive benefits package, opportunities for learning and development [because we’ll always find new ways to test your abilities], and a culture of inclusive, progressive and accountable leadership. [Nice words that we like to use because they make us feel good about us.]

Lesson in sustainable economics

There has been a lot of talk in the past decade about sustainable economics, but very little movement in that direction. As you think about micro-economics from a business person’s perspective, think about what you expect and what you say about yourself as an employer versus what you really give and how much you genuinely care about your employees as people. Often employers think of themselves as being a lot better than they really are. (Whereas bad employees know they’re not good and just don’t care!)

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