What’s Up with James Comey?

By Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So, FBI Director James Comey suddenly turns tail again, saying, “Nope. Nothing here people. False alarm. Carry on!”

Let me think about this…


The Comey Conundrum


  1. Apparently, the Republicans didn’t consolidate enough hatred against James Comey for refusing to have the FBI recommend charges against Hillary the first time,
  2. so Comey decided he needed to make the entire Democratic party hate him, too, by announcing a second investigation of Hillary Clinton, which caused a large swing in the polls against her.
  3. That, apparently, still didn’t bring enough new hatred against him, so Comey had to pull a second switch and say, “Sorry folks; false alarm,” just to give the Republican hornet nest a second kick.
  4. That also helped him ensure that the Democrats are loaded with ammo aimed at his raw behind after the election because they can now say, “You damaged the election for something that a few days later you said, yourself, amounted to nothing! Why didn’t you exercise a little more caution before you spouted off about these new emails?”
  5. And it assured that, in case there were not enough agents in his own party that hated them, there would be more of those, too.


So, if we’re going to take James Comey at his word this second time around (that there was nothing there worthy of filing charges), we have to also believe Comey decided this year that committing political suicide in a spectacular fashion would be the greatest thing he could do with his life.

So, this is the Comey Conundrum: Did he say I want my entire agency and both parties to hate me more than an overflowing toilet, so I’ll poop my pants twice in the most public way possible and see if I can’t destroy myself -or- did he back away because of threats as big as death?

I dunno. Just askin’.


The Uncomely Comey


It’s hard to imagine why anyone would slam on the accelerator then slam on the brake then slam on the accelerator then slam on the brake again. Neither party is likely to keep someone as erratic as that that driving the FBI or ever let him drive anything again. I wouldn’t let a guy like that drive a school bus, much less the entire Federal Bureau of (re)Investigation.

The whole thing is so bizarre that it’s hard not to believe there are two major warring groups behind all of this within the establishment, and Comey is the ping-pong ball getting slammed back and forth between them. That or Comey is the most politically stupid person on the planet, or James Comey is full of self loathing so that he loves to make his life miserable along with everyone else’s.

FBI Director James Comey looks back on life.

FBI Director James Comey looks back on life.

Just yesterday I published an article pointing out how bizarre it is to read executive threats of cyberwar against Russia if they release hacked documents damaging to Hillary Clinton and to read Clinton’s campaign communications director warning of a whopper revelations against Clinton at the same time. (What kind of campaign director creates deliberate concern that a huge and damaging story is about to come out against her candidate if no such story is known to exist?) Yet, only a couple of hours after the electrons settled down from publishing the article, James Comey has made executive threats of cyber war and warnings of a whopper revelation pale compared to his own bizarre behavior.


Time to go home, James


I hope it was a good life, Jim. Don’t know if you are committing suicide politically or saving yourself from someone putting a suicide note in your hand and then doing it for you.

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