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Simple and Clear Reasons the Next Economic Crash Will be Worse Than the Last

We’ve spent an unprecedented fortune trying to rebuild out of the rubble of The Great Recession; yet, we are building by the same architecture that caused our economic structure to collapse in the first place. We all recall how the buzz phrase of the Great Recession was “too big to fail.” The lynchpin that triggered […]


My Personal Story with Bank of America

I wrote the song that I posted earlier this week as a tribute to Bank of America, not just for what it did to me years ago, but for its role in the illegal foreclosure class-action case that was just settled in the U.S. Still, I think its time I tell my own story with […]


Bank of America, How Are You? (A song for the Great Recession)

I’ve posted a new video for a song I wrote to give Bank of America credit that is due for helping to create a great recession for us all. The video is illustrated with photos from the Great Depression. My tribute to Bank of America with images of the time when it was born:


Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Is Payoff TO Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Chase

While the Obama’a administration touted the news of the largest class-action payoff since the $350 billion tobacco settlement, I say the payoffs by banks for their mortgage foreclosure fraud are the largest travesty of justice in history. The corks are popping and so are banker’s buttons over the feast they will celebrate tonight. See why […]


Economic News Articles – Archive for Week of 12-18-2011

To recap last week’s economic news: Concerns over the euro crisis continued to worsen. The BBC laid out a doomsday scenario for the eurozone. China explained why it is not ready to sign on to the euro deal. The U.S. stated no further help would be forthcoming, and credit agency, Fitch, concluded a comprehensive solution […]


Economic News Articles – Archive for Week of 12-11-11

I’m going to start posting a weekly recap of the economic news headlines. These headlines of news articles and their summaries come and go from the sidebar, so not everyone sees them on the particular day they tune in. This is a chance to make sure you didn’t miss any of the major economic news […]


The Tipping Point into Economic Collapse

This week the European bank Dexia was partially nationalized by Belgium because the Fed’s bailout two years ago didn’t work. Belgium and France has already nationalized part of the bank months ago. That essentially amounts to bailout after bailout, now reaching the third round. The large international bank, in other words, is a very sick patient that […]


DOWNTIME Part 11 – Banking on the Future

We’ve all heard the plan for saving the nation. Create a “Bad Bank.” Deposit all the bad loans in the nation into the bad bank, and flush them away. The bad bank will buy these loans with money that is minty fresh This magic money will come from the next generation. Our legacy to them […]


DOWNTIME Part 6 – Bailing Out the Biggest Bullies

When the present economic downfall was really getting under way last fall, Ken Lewis, the CEO of Bank of America, was lauded around the world for scooping up Merrill Lynch in a fire sale. What a brilliant man, the world thought, for picking up a Rolls Royce like Merrill Lynch for pennies on the dollar. […]