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Can the CDC Stop Ebola in the US?

Looking at this list of failures of the Centers for Disease Control to stop Ebola in the US so far, there’s good reason to wonder if they are up to the job. The cheapness of hospitals and the foolishness of adminstrators and doctors in not being better prepared is inexcusable. Consider the following examples and my common-sense […]


Why Ebola Fear Made the Stock Market Shudder

When three people getting Ebola in the U.S. can cause the stock market to shudder, then you know the market has entered that crisis I was talking about when I said the headwinds to the global economy would become so strong in the fall that a single significant event out of the blue — such as Ebola […]


The Global Economic Storm is Here, but There are Silver Linings for Some

A global economic storm has arrived. It’s not blowing full force, but here is what it looks like in a bullet list of recent economic changes:   Japan’s economy is in rapid recession, dropping 7% with industrial production tumbling 3.3% year-on-year. U.K. inflation has plunged to its lowest in five years, edging up fears of a deflationary spiral, […]


Ebola Fear Scares Stock Market

As Franklin Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” The stock market hangs in such peril that it is the fear of fear that is now driving its surges. The market is afraid that Ebola fear will cause a panicked change in people’s economic activities. The market fears the fear. When the stock market […]


Does U.S. Take the Ebola Scare Seriously? Watch this Video of U.S Airways Flight 845 and Find Out

Here we are only a few days into the Ebola scare since President Obama said airport security in handling Ebola would be tightened up, and watch what happens when a fool on this airplane decides to tell everyone that he has Ebola, is from Africa, and, so, they’re “all screwed.” YouTube Video of Ebola scare […]


Economic Impact of Ebola Epidemic Could be E-normous

CBS reports that the World Bank has just issued a dire warning that the economic impact of Ebola could be enormous. An institution usually known for carefully weighed economic statements says that the economic impact of Ebola could be “catastrophic” even if the epidemic doesn’t spread beyond Africa. By the end of 2015, the economic impact of […]


The Second Dip of the Great Recession is Coming Soon

When you look at numerous key sectors of the economy, they hang together like the bones of a rickety skeleton. Here is a list in bullet points of some economic bones to pick over. When viewed altogether, they indicate the next dip of the Great Recession is likely near and severe:   “There are more obvious light switches today or […]