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The Odious ARMpit: an adjustable rate mortgage global economic disaster

A short, factual article on how we’ve learned absolutely nothing from the housing market / mortgage foreclosure crisis that caused the Great Recession. We live in a bubble. The nation chose originally to create Adjustable Rate Mortgages that assured financial collapse if housing values ever stopped climbing. People took out ARMs because they could not […]


Economic News Articles in the Great Recession — Archive for Week of 02-05-2012

All the king’s men re-evaluated their economic predictions during the past week because of the most positive job figures in the U.S. to date. However, even Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, cautioned that the job statistics that are collected leave a lot unsaid. I feel the market was overly optimistic. The Europeans went all week without […]


Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Is Payoff TO Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Chase

While the Obama’a administration touted the news of the largest class-action payoff since the $350 billion tobacco settlement, I say the payoffs by banks for their mortgage foreclosure fraud are the largest travesty of justice in history. The corks are popping and so are banker’s buttons over the feast they will celebrate tonight. See why […]


Financial Crime Investigation in the Great Recession, Where?

Why has there been surprising silence about financial crime investigations during the largest transfer of wealth from the public sector to the private sector in the history of the world? The entire global economy has cracked into pieces, but how much have you read about investigations of financial crime?   The following about the lack […]