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MN Gordon: The Backstory on Our California Exodus

Along the 32nd parallel, in San Diego, where the western march of America’s manifest destiny collides with the Pacific Ocean, the sunsets are always perfect. The view from the coast here is due west.  It is also south of the Channel Islands.  The setting is completely unobstructed. Reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks radiate out […]


Jonathan Turley: Democrats Introduce Sweeping Changes for the Supreme Court

Democratic members have continued their unrelenting attacks on the Supreme Court and its conservative majority. This week, Senate and House members have introduced a bill to impose term limits, regularized confirmation schedules, and other changes. Their introduction leaves no question that this is just the latest effort to change the balance of the Court in […]


Ideas for Change

Let’s have real ideas for change for a change! U.S. President Barak Obama campaigned on the basis of making political change, but that didn’t happen. Now he’s retreading that campaign, but he still doesn’t seem to have any ideas of his own that look anything like real and significant change. I thought he could use […]