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Ouch! Hot Inflation Melts Pilot Powell’s Feet to the Pedals

Better strap on your parachute and exit the plane ahead of landing because there is no getting out of a crash landing now that inflation is burning the landing gear off the bottom of the Fed’s plane. Captain “Bring-her-home Jerome” Powell was already trying to land his Federal Airlines 747 at the steepest angle of […]


The Fed is Still Spiking the Inflation Punch Bowl, but the Party is in Recess Anyway

Sizzling inflation is not going away as drunken market revelers are hoping. This party bore, in fact, will be long outstaying her welcome. While the Fed once said it wanted some hot inflation on the scene, she arrived a lot hotter and has stayed a lot longer than Father Fed expected — now kind of […]


Lying, Deadbeat Fed Fathers Starving Children but Feeds His Fat Favorites

When asked by the press if the Fed was concerned about how it has increased wealth disparity in the US with its policies, Papa Powell kept clearing his throat and parading his lamest thoughts. “Inequality is not related to monetary policy,” he claimed in the Fed’s defense. Powell did not answer the question directly but […]


Papa Powell Sees “Tremendous Human and Economic Hardship” (No V-Shaped Recovery)

Jerome Powell burst the stock market bubble by publicly acknowledging there will not likely be a “V”-shaped economic recovery. He indicated that it will take years for the economy to return to the recent levels … we experienced just a mere four months ago. —Seeking Alpha


Powell Put Sends Stocks Soaring, Recession Must be Near

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell placed his put in stocks while saying there is none. When he doubled down today on a more dovish approach to the economy, Powell claimed the Fed is not designing interest rates to keep the market climbing. If that is true, recession must be near: Fed delivers a “double-barrel dovish […]


The Great Recovery Rewind: How the Federal Reserve’s Balance-Sheet Unwind is Unwinding Recovery

We are in the end time of an unprecedented era of financial expansion — the greatest expansion of the world’s money supply ever attempted, expansion of the Federal Reserve’s vast and unchecked powers far beyond what the Fed could do before the financial crisis, and super-sizing expansion of banks that were already way too big […]