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ObamaCare Transparency Video: Obama’s Economist says “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.”

In this candid YouTube video, the architect of Obama’s signature accomplishment states that avoidance of “transparency” was essential to selling the law to “stupid American voters.”


 (This video, just posted on YouTube today, is of candid remarks made by Jonathan Gruber at the Annual Health Economists’ Conference in 2013 in which he is essentially boasting to his fellow economists about the trickery used to get the act to pass. It wasn’t just the “stupid American voter” that was duped. It had to be an equally stupid American congress because they are the only American voters who got to vote on the act.)


ObamaCare transparency intentionally avoided at all costs.

How ironic: It’s the one act that bears President Obama’s name. It is the one act that is President Obama’s chosen legacy, and  Barrack Obama is the president who campaigned on “more transparency in government.” Yet, “Obamacare” could only be passed by deliberately avoiding transparency according to the plan’s architect.

President Obama chose an economist to help create the Affordable Care Act who, by his own apparently proud admission, “tortured” the language in the bill to intentionally hide those parts that the “stupid American voter” would have found objectionable. This central planner of communal health care chose to beguile the “stupid American voter” into accepting this law because he and  Obama knew ObamaCare was best for Americans.

To accomplish the president’s signature act, Jonathan Gruber and the plan’s team of lawyers had to twist and convolute the language in order to get the bill to pass. Gruber wishes he and his cohorts could have been transparent but transparency was a luxury they could not afford. Gruber clearly states that he knew passage of the law would not have been possible with transparency.

Apparently, “transparency in government” is only good for as long as it works in your favor, which is only on the campaign trail. Clearly voters do not know what is best for them, while elite central planners do. So, the president’s men and women had to beguile the stupid voter into taking this bad-tasting medicine.

Obama’s primary goals and transparency are not, as it turns out, compatible.

I think in the end President Obama may be as happy to have his name associated with this piece of legislation as Thomas Crapper was to have his associated with the toilet. (Another setting where lack of transparency is often considered essential.)



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