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And I’m kind of glad to see it happen. Having seen the bursting of the bond bubble coming, I stepped out of the way financially (no money in stocks or bond funds) to watch the plunge from the sidelines during what has turned suddenly into an epic plunge in bond prices (rise in yields).

The Big Bond Blowup: Worst Bust Since Marshall Plan

Posted March 27, 2022 By David Haggith
2017 Economic Forecast is looking like the mother of all storms

This past week was a stormy ride through the badlands of hell for bonds. Government bond prices took their worst cliff-fall since the Marshall Plan. The panic run of bonds over the edge was sparked by the fantasy belief that Russia might be retreating, bringing a rapid end to Putin’s invasion and the opposing sanctions.

So the title says. Because some said the article was one of the most complete exposés on the Obama coup in Ukraine, I had to read it. I’ve always believed the US sponsored the coup that overthrew the democratically elected government, so I hoped I had finally found an article that would untangle the web.

The Big, Bad Biden Oil Bust

Posted March 9, 2022 By David Haggith

I saw an article two days ago asking if the price of oil could go any higher. I had to read the article for only one reason: I couldn’t believe anyone was even asking if oil would keep rising, and I knew it had to be someone so wedded to chart dynamics that he couldn’t […]

The Fed Did It! Inflationary Collapse was Already Here.

Posted March 6, 2022 By David Haggith

For almost two years (starting in 2020 before you could see any consumer inflation at all), I have faithfully and consistently traced our trajectory toward scorching inflation that would cause a market disaster. Prior to that, inflationary burn-out was not an argument I ever made on this site (unlike some who perennially hyperventilate about hyperinflation).

The Big-Dollar-Big-Bear Ruble Rumble

Posted March 2, 2022 By David Haggith
The bear is back

The battle between King Dollar and Tsar Ruble is on, and Russia’s efforts to dethrone the dollar have already lost. The ruble has already been knocked off its rickety wicker throne and has had its head kicked in. It’s just that brutal. King Dollar, on the other hand, hasn’t sat so tall in years.

Russian Ruble Turns to Rubble

Posted February 28, 2022 By David Haggith
By U.S. Department of State from United States ("Restart Button") [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A number of readers here know that I have sometimes written articles for RT.com, owned by the Russian government. I got paid $200 per article via direct deposits from Moscow into my bank account for each article I wrote. Never did I write anything about the US that I was not willing to publish here […]

DonkeyHotey [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

A new report by the conservative Peterson Institute for International Economics says, “China Was Never On Path to Meet ‘Phase 1’ Purchase Commitments.” The report confirms my claim in December, 2019, that Trump offered a fake Phase One deal because he had failed in his trade war and needed a win for his campaign.

Plane made of burning dollar bills symbolizes price inflation and the Fed moving to digital currency

Having written my own articles about how we are going into recession dead ahead, I want to back those up with the chorus of alarmed comments everywhere now about Powell is power-diving our economy straight into a recession.

I tried my best to give the BLS the benefit of the doubt when it did not massage the inflation rate in its last CPI report lower for January than December as I thought it would. I did, that is, until I dug deeper into what the BLS did do. Now government is at it […]

Hillary Clinton, femme fatale of Socialist revolution.

With their falling star, Hillary Clinton, in need of fresh diapers because her geriatric presidential campaign was just charged in court with spying on the White House, a president of the United States, and an election campaign for the purpose of creating “evidence” that President Trump colluded with Russia against Hillary … and with their […]

How I Struck Out and Hit a Grand Slam with the Same Swing

Posted February 10, 2022 By David Haggith
Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-08803 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

This is my 777th post on this blog, although a couple of those are still in draft form. With this post I get to acknowledge something almost impossible. I struck out with my last post and knocked the ball out of the park. It was tempting to pull the post this morning and revise it, […]