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Notice re: Disqus and Next Patron Post

I think I have resolved Tuesday’s Disqus problems so readers can respond to articles and so I can respond to readers.

I’m also working on my next Patron Post, which was already going to look at where the Federal Reserve goes from here. That has become especially appropriate since Tuesday’s big rate cut had the opposite effect in the stock market from what we all know they wanted. That was interesting and probably alarming to the Fed!

Disqus, for some reason, stopped working on this site. It happened after I had my host upgrade the site from an http site to an https site because some readers were having problems with their browsers not loading the site because the browsers want the site to be encrypted (even though I don’t handle any exchange of personal information or money here).

I’m not sure if the upgrade is what stopped Disqus. My site host says it should not have and that the site is working fine, except for Disqus. I went to Disqus and updated the URL there to the new https URL, but that didn’t help. My site host then said the site appears to be stalling in loading Disqus due to an Amazon advertising app that is getting in the way because it won’t load and Disqus is the last thing to load on each page.

Amazon had notified me a month ago that they were going to make some changes in their advertising program that would affect my site negatively on March 9th, but were not there yet. Nevertheless, I removed all Amazon ads from the sidebars because they don’t pay enough to matter anyway, but that didn’t resolve the issue. So, I’m working on it, trying to figure it out.

Disqus, unfortunately, does not provide support. Neither, it seems, does Amazon. And I’m not a techie.

Hopefully, all past Disqus comments have not been lost and will reappear when the problem is resolved.

Any volunteer WordPress/Discuss/Amazon aficionado?

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