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CNN News Flash: Anderson Cooper Inadvertently Confirms Trump’s Innocence in Russiagate Story

CNN / Anderson Cooper inadvertently confirms Trump innocence in Russiagate

I’m a fair player, so even though I’ve said Trump is damaging his ability to improve the economy by making himself look guilty in the Russiagate story, I’ll also point out news that indicates he is not guilty of collaborating with Russians. Here’s an odd twist in the Russiagate story as Anderson Cooper sleepwalks past the truth of his own news break:

CNN/Anderson Cooper confirms Trump’s Russiagate innocence


CNN, whose barrage of stories about Trump have run 93% negative according to a Harvard study, just confirmed that President Trump is telling the truth when he says he had no connections with Russia during the campaign. Watch the story — at least the first few minutes — then consider the following:



Trump’s position has been that he doesn’t believe his campaign had any connections with Russia and that he knows he did not. IF this latest leak to CNN from “multiple sources” is true, it does a lot more to confirm Trump’s position than Cooper’s. Why would Russia try to develop its connections with Flynn in hopes of “gaining influence” over Trump if Russia already owned Trump (as the allegations constantly say) because it had a direct connection with Trump as a collaborator? True collaborators do not need to try to court INDIRECT influence via THIRD PARTIES. (That’s not to say they wouldn’t seek more influence in the administration, but it would hardly be something they’d be excited about when they already had a far more direct path.)

Furthermore, IF Russia was trying to gain influence over Trump through Flynn, that approach means Russia certainly would not have let Trump become aware of that. (You cannot effectively use someone for influence when the person you want to influence knows what you are up to. Kind of creates suspicion over the person you are using to do the influencing.) Therefore, Trump would also be right in saying he doesn’t believe his campaign was influenced by Russia. With this news only now being leaked, it’s likely Trump didn’t know until recently about any attempts to influence him or his campaign.

The story also indicates that the Obama administration would not have let Trump know this. According to CNN, the Obama administrationg knew all about this, regarding it “as a five-alarm fire from early on,” and, therefore, limited how much of this information they shared with Flynn (and hence with Trump, lest the info get back to Flynn via Trump as Trump was clearly supportive of Flynn). The story says Russians regarded Flynn as their ally and says Russian officials were  “bragging” about the relationship they had managed to establish with Flynn. The ability to collaborate with Flynn wouldn’t have been much to brag about if they already owned Trump. Their bragging about managing to create an opportunity to influence Trump through Flynn indicates the Russians did not have much sway in Trump’s team to where Flynn was a big achievement.

After the intitial story about the new leaks, CNN’s commentary goes on to try to spin the story as showing it is “bizarre” that Trump continues to support Flynn. This, again, misses the point: If the Obama administration did all it could to keep this information from being shared, as the story claims, this information about Flynn may not have been included in the information that Sally Yates, part of the Obama Admin., shared with Trump. The administration, not wanting Flynn to know in those early days of the controversy that he was being investigated, would not have shared the information with someone close to Flynn. That would be even more likely if the Obama administration, having been surprised and badly upset by Trump’s victory, hoped to turn the Russiagate story against Trump to bring him down. They would naturally want to make it appear that Trump was complicit in all the information that was coming out and not make it look like Flynn was a sole operator.

If the Obama administration was decent in trying to “warn off” Trump from putting Flynn directly in charge of US intelligence, it would have shared this information with him. However, they might have leaked info to others and not Trump if they had an ulterior motive of trying to wrap Trump in a conterversy that would bring him down after they knew they had failed to keep him out of office. The question there becomes how secret did the Obama administration keep its knowledge about Flynn and for how long? A secondary question would be how complicit was the intelligence community in withholding the information from the current president?

How ironic that, in trying to bring down President Trump, CNN should be the first to provide clear evidence of his innocence in any collaboration with Russia during the campaign. (That doesn’t mean he’s innocent of trying to bring Comey down in order to stop the endless and so far completely evidence-free story that keeps raging against him. He may have taken a wrong recourse in trying to stop a fake and relentless scandal against himself.) And how perfect that CNN’s own bias against Trump kept them from seeing the conclusion that their own story strongly points toward: IF the Russians were excitedly boasting that they had secured Flynn as an asset for influencing Trump, Trump must not have been cooperating with them through direct collusion. (Who would be bragging that they had a back door to influencing someone who was already a completely willing partner in crime?)

I’m not saying this story PROVES Trump’s innocence on the matter of collaborating with Russia (or that Trump hasn’t done other things that make him look guilty), but this particular story goes strongly in the direction of confirming those who believe Trump, himself, was not collaborating with Russians or aware of such collaboration by others on his team.


I’m going to call Cooper’s story “FAKE NEWS” in the sense that its extreme bias proves (again) CNN is against Trump in their coverage of Russian collaboration. It is a fake conclusion from what may possibly be a true story in Trump’s favor.


Logic is logic. It’s math. Let’s take this out of the political sphere for a second in order to see how illogical Cooper and his guests are in where they run with this story:

For the Russians to brag that they could now influence Trump through Flynn if they already had Trump’s cooperation would be like bragging that you have gained some influence over your own child — a child who is already very cooperative — because you now have influence over one of his friends. The other parent listening to you would think, “That’s weird. She thinks it’s a big deal that she can now influence her own child because she has gained the cooperation of her kid’s friend?”

While it isn’t impossible that someone would brag that they can now influence their child through a friend, it’s certainly odd, and it would certainly lead to the listener concluding that the mother must not have much control over her own children. For CNN to take this story in the direction they did is like someone hearing a mother brag about the fact that she can influence her own child through a friend concluding, “Oh, this shows she has great control over her own children.”

Uh, no. Hearing that kind of bragging should naturally make any person think, “This parent must be seriously out of control of her family situation if she’s excited that she can influence her children through their friends like that’s some big gain.”

That CNN would actually think the story led to the bizarre conclusion that Trump collaborated with the Russians certainly demonstrates how biased they really are, given that the story so naturally leans the opposite way — to concluding that Russia didn’t have much direct ability to work with Trump and toward concluding that Trump had no idea Flynn was being used to influence him or his campaign because, if Flynn was there to “influence” Trump and not as a direct communication conduit to Trump, they would do all they could to keep Trump from being suspicious of their agent.



  • Auldenemy

    Since the time the young DNC worker, Seth Rich, was murdered nearly a year ago I have become more and more convinced that the entire Russia/Trump allegations are one massive false flag courtesy of the Deep State of America.

    All these various US Intelligent agencies keep implying a connection between Trump and Russia and yet not one of these departments has managed to produce any actual evidence! The now completely discredited American MSM keeps running this story and doing its best to ramp it up but again can produce no evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 American election campaign to get Trump into the White House. Surely this is now a case of, ‘Put up or shut up’.

    Meanwhile the MSM refuses to report on the extremely suspicious circumstances of Rich Seth’s murder. Assange made it as plain as day (without actually spelling it out), in an interview to an accredited Fox News journalist, months ago, that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC emails exposing how the Dems had rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

    When he was shot twice in the back, just yards away from his front door, Seth Rich had a necklace, watch, smart phone and wallet on him worth a total of $2,000. None of those items were taken. At the time police arrived on the scene he was still fully conscious. An anonymous – and thus it must be said unsubstantiated – account from a junior hospital doctor involved in treating Seth Rich, claims his injuries were not life threatening as there was no major vascular damage. This source claims that surgery to repair part of the bowel and damage to the liver was completely successful. This source goes on to claim that once the FBI turned up at the hospital they proceeded to interfere with Rich’s care, only allowing one nurse to be in attendance (not the doctors who had performed surgery on him), and insisting Rich was kept in complete isolation and under their, ‘protection’.

    The private investigator hired by Rich’s parents insists that a source within the FBI confirmed to him that Rich’s laptop contains email evidence linking him to Assange. Apparently the local police have been told to, ‘Stand down’ on this and are not allowed access to Rich’s laptop.

    There is a saying along the lines of, ‘The answer to a mystery is often the one starting you right in the face’. For me, the answer to how Assange got those damning emails, showing Hillary Clinton for the monster she is, is staring America in the face. It was never the Russians, it was a young, 26 year old Democrat worker who supported Bernie Sanders and was disgusted when he realised that camp Hillary was hell bent on stealing the ticket from Sanders. No doubt discovering in the process some other repugnant things about the Clinton Crime Family also pushed him to risk his life and leak those emails to Assange (the Clinton Pay-To-Play Foundation and the extremely unnatural taste in art of the Podesta brothers, also grave concerns surrounding their Pizza Party code talk). Just weeks apart from Seth Rich being murdered, another young and perfectly healthy young man (Lucas), who had taken aim in the form of direct legal action against Hillary Clinton, was found dead (no cause of death established!).

    The fact that Hillary Clinton got clean away with using a private server for in some cases Highly Classified, State secrets is something any truly honest and free media would never let up on. The likes of the vile CNN happily let up on that immediately and of course is not vaguely interested in reporting on, let alone investigating the murder of Seth Rich and others who were obvious enemies of the Clinton regime.

    The Deep State very obviously wants Trump out. They have completely manufactured this Russian/Trump collaboration meme mainly because they are desperately wanting to go to war with Russia. NATO troops are all in place in Eastern Europe, along with missile systems capable of delivering nuclear war heads. The Deep State Neo Cons want every ex Soviet nation inside the German run EU. They are probably insane enough to imagine they can win a war against Russia and Russia end up part of the EU!

    The BBC is like CNN, The Washington Post etc. It constantly regurgitates the Trump/Russia garbage. It has nothing ever to say about the corrupt House Of Clinton. I have yet to even meet a fellow Brit who has heard of Seth Rich. Things like that are to be buried. In fact our own government is proposing all manner of clamp downs on the internet when it comes to what we will be, ‘allowed’ to read in the future. Of course it is all for our own good, and to stop us being influenced by ‘fake news’. Strange isn’t it, that Western governments seem incapable and un willing to stop endless internet porn and child abuse sites and recently proved useless when it came to stopping a computer virus actually invented by NSA causing havoc around the globe (it was a UK, home computer geek who discovered the kill switch written into the virus code, not any of the legion of IT, ‘experts’ working inside the CIA, MI6 etc who are presumably paid good salaries to be able to counter such attacks). However, ever since the Assange leaks of just how dirty things are inside Clintonville came out the MSM has gone full tilt to turn it all around into Russia leaking DNC emails to Assange, also to peddle this endless crap about the alternative media being one vast hub of, ‘fake news’. This whole, ‘fake news’ from the fakers who govern us and their puppet MSM outlets is simply a prelude to what comes next, laws that will ban all alternative news sites and no doubt even blogs!

    This is Huxley and Orwell mixed up into one horrible modern world, where by we will no longer be, ‘allowed’ to think for ourselves. The maniacs at the helm really are on the road to lobotomising us all (that’s if they don’t manage to nuke us all instead).

    Multum In Parvo

    • That’s a great summary of the Seth Rich case. I, too, have felt Wikileaks knows better than anyone who gave it information. It is, of course, possible that they have multiple sources of DNC emails — one for Pedestal, another for Hillary, etc. — but Wikileaks has definitely hinted strongly that Rich was an informant.

      I think, at this point, Wikileaks should just come out and say so if he is because hiding the information isn’t going to help Rich any, and getting the police to pursue whomever is responsible for Rich’s death should make Wikileaks’ other informants safer.

    • Kim

      I read that post at four chan by the anon doctor who treat Seth Rich and his account of the “no visitors” policy put in place by LEO, the refusal of allowing the doctors in his room, and the designating that Seth Rich was an important person. If Seth Rich was the one who leaked at least some of the emails to Wikileaks (probably the ones implicating the DNC in sabotaging Sanders’s bid for the nomination) how did the Clintons find out it was him? Who ordered the hit on him?

      The media debunking this story said the shooters couldn’t complete the robbery. Apparently, the MSM’s narrative is they shot first then got scared and ran off before taking any valuables from him. That’s hard to believe since Rich was still conscious and no doubt would have handed anything over quickly and willingly. But we can’t ask Seth that now.

      So, since Seth survived three bullets wounds (an entry, an entry and an exit) someone would have had to finish the botched hit. And it happened in his hospital room.

      I agree that Wikileaks should come forward publicly, now and name Seth Rich as the leaker, because as you say, it obviously can’t harm him now.

      • It has always looked highly suspicious to me, but especially after Wikileaks offered a reward. Many people are murdered every year, and Seth Rich is the only person they’ve ever offered a reward for. I hope they blow this thing wide open and expose all the corruption involved.

        • This recent tweet from Assange comes pretty close because why even mention it if Rich was not Wikileaks source. Looks like Assange is looking for a way to confirm without expressly confirming it:

          Julian Assange @JulianAssange

          WikiLeaks has never disclosed a source. Sources sometimes talk to other parties but identities never emerge from WikiLeaks. #SethRich

          11:08 PM – 21 May 2017

          See: http://bigleaguepolitics.com/assange-uses-seth-rich-hashtag-says-wikileaks-wont-disclose-source-parties-may/

        • Auldenemy

          Exactly! The security level at the hospital for a so called, low level Dem. employee raises some serious questions

      • Auldenemy

        Seth worked for the DNC and it appears his parents are life long Democrat supporters. So if the Dems. have nothing to hide, why are they doing everything to obstruct even reporting of Seth Rich’s murder? If they have nothing to hide then why isn’t the opposite happening, as in the Dems going full tilt to have all possible evidence brought into the public domain. Why, if Seth’s laptop contained no evidence of contact with Assange, were the local police not allowed to release that information? Surely the Dems would want the world to know that NO email links had been found between Rich and Assange? Why were the local police told to, ‘Stand down’ on this case? Who told them and why? Why is his laptop with the FBI now if there was nothing of any significance on it? The questions are endless, the official answers are deafening in their silence.

  • Slaysme

    I love how you use his own stupidity as the only valid defense. Too bad he;s still got a man crush on Flynn.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    This is why we need web sites like this. I go around the block to avoid Anderson Cooper so I would have never known the jerk screwed up his wet Trump dream (pun intended). I will sock this away for future reference.